day 7-8

Day seven was the day of nothing. I slept so much. I did go to counseling and to get more meds but that’s about it. I’m just so frustrated with the cocktail of pills I’m on. I couldn’t even go to the gym yesterday. In the afternoon I started feeling very sick to my stomach. I really think it’s from the meds. I see the doctor on Thursday, so I just have to hold out til then. There was no small group, and I missed seeing all the girls! It will be nice to see them next week.
Day eight. Today was a lot like yesterday. I pretty much slept the day away. Started feeling sick to my stomach again this evening at DBSA. Yeah, you read that right, I finally went back. Did I pick the wrong group and was mine boring beyond boring? Yes. I did go though, and that’s what counts. I started talking to my friend, who die this year’s, brother. I’m just going to let him start conversations if/ when he wants to. I’ve learned I need to back off. So, I rarely initiate conversations now. I did text him a couple of days ago, but told him to only text back if he wanted to, there was no pressure. He did reply and that was nice. I’m trying not to suffocate people now. I guess when someone talks to me, I latch on to them. I don’t really have any close friends. So, when someone starts to talk to me, I’m like a tornado of words that’s a mile wide. I think this is a lot like makeup. A little goes a long way. Tomorrow I really need to get out of the house. I think that will help me a lot. Gotta get back to the gym as well. I’m planning on some hard cardio to get my endorphins up and my thoughts down.

So that is just an over view of what’s been going on in the last few days. I really want to work on getting back to journal every day.


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