The wait was so worth it!

sunday fun day, right? No. It’s usually the worst day of the week for me. I want to get up and go to church and see my friends so much. I never make it though. This week I think it was totally understanding for my absence. 

I’m still somewhat shocked about my ex boyfriend. I know I didn’t make him want to so drastically change himself. I’m upset that he hid those feelings from me. Yes our relationship would have ended in an intimate way but maybe I could have helped him get into some therapy so he could work all this out. I know he believes this is wrong or he wouldn’t be so sneaky and shady about it. As my friend said, “He’s hurting so much and looking for a way not to but this ain’t it.” All I can do is pray. That is my mantra. I don’t have any plans to ever make any contact with him again. I will pray that he can find peace and can create an identity. I know I wrote about this last night but come on wouldn’t this be shocking to you?

On a much lighter note, my niece is here!!! She came in running and didn’t go to bed until 11. She’s not actually in her bed right now but she’s asleep and that’s all that counts. I can’t wait to have a week playing with a three year old! Swimming, coloring, exploring, making play dough and homemade chalk. The list doesn’t end. She is so adorable with her bigger than life personality and Arkansas accent. It’s hilarious.

I’m done for the night. I have to get up and go to the doctor to start my voyage to get ECT. Plus my niece is sleeping in my room so we’ll see if I get to sleep in at all. 


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