Uh oh

When I wrote my last post I could barely keep my eyes open. Now I can’t close them. I’m not used to sleeping with a child in the same room. I have discovered children make odd noises, randomly take giant gulps of air and thrash around a lot. My niece also sleeps with a white noise machine (ocean waves tonight) and we’ve got two night lights on. I’m used to pitch blackness and only the fan. I’m also hungry again. I want a brownie. Lol. I’m trying to wait it out. Should I take another aderax? I don’t know. I have a pounding headache. I know this is because of coming off the Geodon cold turkey. Oh well. Why can’t I be a kid again and be able to sleep so easily. I mean I only take three sleep meds. I think I’ll go downstairs and watch some tv. That way I’ll stop ruminating and maybe get sleepy again. Grrr will life ever get better?


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