I can’t leave

I thought today would be a good day. I woke up before 8 am! I went back to bed and woke back up around 1. Since I woke back up I’ve been incredibly anxious. Blah. I just want to go outside! It would be so nice to go out by the pool and lay out. It would have been even nicer to go to church. I miss my friends. 

I should find out in the next few days if the blood work comes back fine to start ect. I pray it comes back fine and I can start the therapy this week or next week at the latest. I just can’t fight this depression much longer. Unless you’re going through this or have before I don’t think anyone can imagine how much depression takes out of you. I can barely leave my room! It just sucks. 

I just have to make it til my blood results come back. Then I just have to make it til they put me on the schedule. Then I just have to wait to start the therapy. Little incraments of time. I can do this. I can’t let this awful take hold of me. 


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