Upside down

ECT has been kicking my butt. I’m just so exhausted all the time. On the plus side yesterday was my third treatment and I’m starting to feel a little better. I was even able to go out and do some shopping with my bro. We went to the grocery and then to the dollar store. I forgot almost everything my mom wanted. Oh well, I was super excited that I was even able to go through the store and not have a breakdown. Seven hours until my next ECT. I’m actually not dreading it. 

So much more to tell. My ex texted me today. He was having a freak out over me telling his parents he is/ wants to (I don’t really know or care) be transgender. I explained that we had stopped talking and he still sent me a link to his gofundme account everyone must no. Aparently that wasn’t the case. So he cussed me out and said he was done with me. I told hm good because I was done with him awhile ago. As my friend said,”he needs Jesus.” Again all I can do is pray. He’s so lost. I pray he finds some help and he can figure it who he really is. 

Hopefully I’ll be awake enough to post tomorrow. 


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