Pookie Bear

What am I to do? Listen to my heart, friend, or head? My heart is taking over everything! I love him, and I really can’t help it. I’ve tried talking myself out of it but my heart beats too loud. 

He makes me laugh and just thinking about him makes me smile. I love talking to him. Looking at us you may not think we have much in common. You’d be completely wrong. We talk about our childhood and our awesome clothing phases. We actually know a lot of the same music. I love when he sends me songs to look up or some lyrics. I secretly pretend he’s singing them to me. We even have fun just driving around and talking. 

We’re planning on going on a mini vacation to the hill country. I asked him tonight what type of room he wanted, one bed or two. After trying to make me answer, he said one bed. That thrills me and scares the hell out of me at the same time. Are we going to start dating again? I refuse to do the friends with benefits thing. He is too special and I refuse to lose him again. 

We still have half a month before we get to see each other again face to face. I actually think it’s really good. This is forcing us to take things slow. Our relationship (whatever type it is) cannot move too fast by us becoming physical and only focusing on sex. I do find him nice and attractive. Somehow he doesn’t cringe when he looks at me. 

So after an entire post about, well technically my ex, I’m going to sign off now. I’ll update on my awesome job and overall good mood later. 


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