This is the text I sent to what I thought was a really good friend at one point. I guess I’m just really bad at reading people. 

To preface this I’m not talking about today because I know if you’re with someone you don’t answer your phone. So I’m going to say my piece and then I’m out. I think it’s really shitty the way you’ve been treating me lately (or more accurately haven’t been) you’ve stopped answering my texts and calls and haven’t told me why. I thought we were friends. I don’t expect you to hang out with me all the time. But from frequently to never is a little odd. If I did something to piss you off have the balls to tell me. I can’t fix what I don’t know. I think the only time I’ve heard from you in the past 2 weeks was when you wanted to eat in ************. I’m glad that’s all I’m good for. I’ve been a good friend to you and I guess I expected the same from you. I’m out

Was I too tough or just standing up for myself? I wish he’d respond but I guess that’s what it is, just a wish. 


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