He’s alive. He answers his phone. Yet he’s never replied to my texts or calls. I miss him. Greatly miss him. I don’t know what happened. We were both sick at the time he stopped coming to group. I hadn’t been going for a while when he quit. I guess he quit. I don’t know. It seems like no one knows. Either that or they don’t want to tell me. But that’s silly. Why would they keep that from me?

Will he ever come back? Ever call or text me again? Is he in residential? Sitting at home? Back at school finishing up that last semester? Somewhere else? Will I ever know? I didn’t want to- haven’t been ready to turn the page and end this chapter. I have to in order to be healthy. I will mourn this loss and then move on. All friends current and past hold a spot in my heart. The past just have a smaller part. 

I shed some tears and then move on. It’s time to create room for new friends. 


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