Not gonna lie, I’m not doing too well. I just feel like nothing good is happening in my life. I’m back at my parent’s home with a ton of bills swallowing me up. I have the privilege of driving my mother’s car and it’s far from fashionable. It seems like I can’t keep a friend. I was on the way to one of my friends place and got a call I was uninvited. What an ego boost, ha. I just don’t know. I just want to give up. Not kill myself. That’s too hard.  But I want to do nothing more than just sit here forever more.  


3 thoughts on “Trying

  1. *hugs* It sounds like a really shitty way to be feeling at the moment. A true friend wouldn’t just uninvite you. Usually though , other people’s flaky behavior has very little to do with us and is mostly a reflection on them.


    1. Thanks. Today was a better day. I have a new perspective today. I know the friend that stood me up is sick too, so I have to remember I’ve done that to many people too. Next time, I’ll think twice or at least explain myself.

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