what I know

Why do you do it? For attention? A half-assed suicide attempt? NO. I do it to feel. To escape. To calm down. I cut on my stomach, a place  that’s visible to no one. My feelings are so intense. I don’t know how to stop them. Feelings of pure self-hatred, loneliness, longing to be accepted, misery, and of course wanting to die. My breathing quickens, my body shakes, and my hands tremble. There has to be some way to get out of these moments of hell. I do what I know. I cut or eat. My stomach shows the evidence. Stretch marks mixed with scars. Many times I cut over the stretch marks to make my cutting harder to see. 

And I’m only human

And I bleed when I fall down

I’m only human

And I crash and I break down


Christina Perry


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