Running in circles 

Has anyone come off Tegretol before and lived to tell about it? If so, please reply. My doctor cut it in half two weeks ago and we’re planning to totally dc it at the end of the month.

I want to quit now! My RLS is out of control. I can’t sleep because my legs are running a marathon in bed. Because of this, I sleep during the day from being exhausted. Vicious cycle. 

Tonight I made a list of all my meds and top 5 side effects I have. It actually was really good to have the visual and I can show the list to my doc. I find is somewhat amusing that all my meds but one cause drowsiness. My mom always bitches at me for sleeping too much. I’ll be showing her the list in the morning to see how she reacts. 


4 thoughts on “Running in circles 

  1. I’ve been on Tegretol twice and I’ve come off of it both times successfully. It helped by adding in the med replacing it as I tapered off and gradually raising the dose as Tegretol dropped down. I didn’t really have a lot of side effects, none that caused huge problems anyway. But, I wasn’t on it for very long either time. Each time I switched doctors I found the new doctor hated Tegretol. I know that Tegretol isn’t so great on the body. I’m on the newer version of it, Trileptal, now, and I’m not having any side effects beside some tiredness, and it isn’t as harsh on the body as Tegretol.


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