Sleeeeep… Noooo

I definitely should be asleep right now. Work is nine hours away. At least nine hours is required to make me happy and healthy. I’m not going to lie, I’m anxious to go back. This is only a twice a month gig, a few hours each time. Last time I couldn’t go because I had ECT. The time before that I think I just freaked out and decided to have one of my oh so lovely panic attacks. Let’s just say I seem like quite the flake. I want to scream, “it’s because the chemicals in my brain are fucked up! Oh yeah, I don’t think like normal people either.” Would that go over well? No? Didn’t think so. Tomorrow will happen, or should I say nothing will happen. Everything will go as planned and I’ll enjoy it. Sometimes you just have to start by putting one foot in front of the other and the rest will fall into place. 

Once I come home I have the pleasure of call 1-800-Medicare. The thought of sitting on the phone waiting for a rep to talk to me sounds as fun as standing in a crowd of people. Last year, I was constantly in and out of the hospital. I missed the form they mailed me about covering my deductible every month. Oops. I went to a NAMI meeting tonight and learned I just need to call and ask them to mail me the form to fill out. This shouldn’t be difficult, just tedious. 

After that, it’s just one more phone call to a hospital to get a statement of my bill (and make a payment of course), and I’m home free. Well, my little bro is coming home so who knows what will happen. I am expecting a great weekend. Things will go wrong, that’s life. As long as I keep a positive attitude, I’ll be good. 

Now, time to try and get some sleep…again. 


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