He is healing

Lately, I’ve started going back to worship. It’s been years since I’ve been able to do this. Today I it felt like God was speaking straight to me from the minister’s mouth. I’ve got to be honest, I haven’t been very close to God in the past few years. Maybe I’ve been subconsciously blaming Him for the mental illnesses I have and the addictions I battle. Worship isn’t for me, too many people and it’ll make me too anxious. Just one excuse after another. 

I teach two year olds twice a month for a program at church. The co-teacher has been praying for me and showing her love of Christ in everything she does. Just recently have I noticed what a blessing she has been straight from God. Every time I see her I am remind how much she loves and encourages and how Christ is moving through her to get to me. 

Little by little, gentle push by push, He has shown me His love and how I can be healed by him. This morning, our young, energetic, loud and powerful minister preached. His words came straight from Gods mouth. In summary of his sermon, I need to stop blaming God, to asking if He can hear me and command to be healed. Pray continuously, be active in my own recovery and have the faith I will get well. It might not be today or tomorrow, or even this year, but I will be healed. God’s gracious love and the gift of His son are given to me and you as well. 

God is good. 


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