My dreams are reality

Yeah, I should probably be sleeping now. My night meds just don’t seem to be working. This is probably because I’m excited. Excited might be an understatement. I bought my new camera today, a Nikon d5500. I could go on for paragraphs about all the new features that I’m obsessing over. My old camera, a Nikon d80, cost more to fix than it was worth. That’s a perfect reason to buy a new one as far as I’m concerned. Summer school starts in a little over a week, so I’ll have enough time to figure out all the ins and outs of my new pride and joy. 

Did I mention that I’m starting school in another post? I am telling everyone, apparently time and time again. Two classes, six hours, this summer and probably nine for fall. How many I take this fall all depends on how well summer school goes. Going back to school is going to be life changing for me. Yes, I have a history of self sabotaging everything. This time I have a bunch of support and two therapy sessions a week. 

After buying my camera, I went to my psychiatry appointment. He is pleased with my progress. I told him I don’t want to continue with ECT. He immediately said he thought it was a bad idea. Explaining that my memory has been very effected helped him understand why I want to stop. He agreed with the condition that if I start doing poorly we will start them up again. None of my meds or dosages were changed, which might be a first for me. Also, I don’t have to see him for five weeks! My doctor asked how therapy is going. After talking about photography (I’m a photo communications major) for awhile, he asked what I ended up doing about therapy. I said I took his advice and am going twice a week and that she demands a lot out of me. Everything is not a crisis and everything isn’t about me. Finally, I’ve started believing that. He was so happy to hear that. 



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