Am I invisible?

So I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m 32 and live at home with my parents. Yes, I hate it and am ashamed of it. What makes it worse is that my father completely ignores me. He ignores me to the point of walking past me and not even acknowledging me when I’m talking to him. I get no hello, bye, how are you. Tonight at dinner I attempted to talk to him. I told him I called a special agency that will help me get a job. He said nothing nor looked at me. My mom said something to the effect of, “you already told me that.” I said I was telling dad. She then asked why I didn’t continue and I said because it was obvious he had no interest in it. So my mom changed the subject and life moved on. For them. It was just another moment of me being crushed. I don’t understand it. Meds only go so far. Therapy only goes so far. It’s really hard when someone you live with pretends you don’t exist. 


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