Bring on tomorrow

I started today. Finally, I’m taking my weight loss seriously. It’s time. I look disgusting. No use in sugar coating it. I further the stereotype of mentally ill people. I eat my feelings. For those few minutes, I feel great. Then the oh shit not again feelings come. 

Attractive or sexy isn’t what I’m going for. That’s quite funny and unrealistic. I just want to be healthy, and hell, fit into my clothes again. Gone are the days of picking up guys at a bar or wherever. Ha, gone are the days of picking up guys. I think I’m asexual. I’ve accepted that I’m fucked up in about five too many ways to ever get in a relationship again. 

This time I want to lose weight true healthy way. No barely eating or over exercising. Just eating healthy food. Yes, I plan on keeping a journal of what I eat but not counting the calories. I’ll only weigh in once a week. 

I’ve got this. Bring on tomorrow. I’ve got today. 😉


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