Emotional me

Today has now become a sad day. I just read that a childhood friend has terminal cancer. This I have suspected for months, but to know the treatments didn’t work is heartbreaking. She and her husband have four kids five and under. Please pray for a miracle and for God to ease her pain. 

This has already been an emotional week. I openened up with my therapist and shared the most about my middle school years than I have with anyone else. I shared how I felt as well as facts as to what happened in my family. Becoming vulnerable is very hard for me. The bolts and nuts are never the hard part, reaching in and grabbing those emotions is playing with fire. 

DBT skills groups was no easier. My example was used for the class. Although there was only one other person, talking about my emotions and struggles for an hour made it so real. 

I want someone I can cry out to. I want someone’s shoulder to rest my head on and maybe a hand to squeeze. Will that ever happen? Who’s to know. For now, my phone offers more solace than none. 


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